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Our Journey With You

Sure Journey with you

Phase One

  • Preliminary discussion to obtain a clear understanding of your project.

  • Undertake a step by step analysis of each room

  • Review your preferred budget and specifications for your new home

  • Digital site assessment

  • Personal Site visit & photos (where required)

  • Preliminary council feedback

  • Design brief where we understand your wants and needs of the home.

  • Personal design concept (where required)

  • Discussion on bridging the gap between budget vs design

  • Personal design presentation and review

  • This process generally takes about 4-5 days.

hamptons style courtyard home
single storey home under construction

Phase Two

  • Shortlist top 2 builders most suitable for your project

  • Obtain formal building costings by 1 builder and a cost estimate comparison from the other to cross check the costs

  • Overall builder discussion about your wants and needs

  • Cross check building costs to ensure the best value outcome

  • Liaise with your chosen builder to adjust and modify costs (where required)

  • Costing & inclusions presentation and review

  • This process generally takes about 4-5 days

Value Added Services

We offer optional additional services from some of our trusted businesses if you ever need it.

  • Preliminary soil testing and engineering reports

  • Preliminary council assessment report by independent town planner

  • Concept house designs for subdivision supporting documents

  • Plan of division concept by surveyor and a quote for Torrens or community title development

  • Subdivision consultation and liaising with surveyor

  • Arborist reports

  • Additional 3D rendering services

  • Interior design services

  • Selections appointment service with an interior designer

  • Preliminary energy efficiency reports

  • Additional concept plans outside of stage 1 & 2

  • Concierge service for clients already in building process with builder.

Must be quoted

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