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Building Inspections

In Partnership with House Inspect Australia

Keep your builder accountable

Ensuring your builder maintains high-quality workmanship and complies with the Construction Codes of Australia is crucial during this pivotal stage of your construction.


So that’s why we've partnered with House Inspect Australia, Australia’s fastest growing building inspection companies, to conduct comprehensive inspections, scrutinising every aspect of your home from the framing phase to practical completion. This ensures you have essential information to hold your builder accountable throughout the entire process.


You have the flexibility to opt for inspections at any combination of the one, two or all stages of the building process.

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Frame Inspection

The purpose of this inspection is to assess the structural integrity of wall and roof frames, ensuring they meet the standards set by the framing Australian Standard, as well as comply with the specifications outlined in the engineering plans and framing plans. In addition to these crucial checks, the inspection process incorporates a thorough examination of the components against the criteria established in the Regulation 74 checklist.

External Wall & Roof Cladding Inspection

This inspection is dedicated to verifying that the external wall and roof cladding of your home meets the specifications outlined in the National Construction Code, along with the relevant Australian Standards and tolerances.

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Internal Linings & Waterproofing Inspection

This inspection affirms that the installation of internal linings complies with the applicable Australian Standards and adheres to manufacturers' guidelines. Alongside this, a detailed examination of the waterproofing in wet areas is important. The scrutiny of waterproofing is paramount because any oversight in this aspect has the potential to result in future water leaks in bathrooms. It's important to note that non-compliant workmanship in these areas can have repercussions beyond the bathrooms, affecting the overall integrity of your home.

Practical Completion (PCI) Inspection

The last step in the quality assurance process is the 'Practical Completion Inspection,' conducted just before handover. This final inspection is crucial as it ensures that the entire building is finished in accordance with the National Construction Code, relevant Australian Standards, and the applicable guides to standards and tolerances.

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Warranty & Other Inspections

Warranty inspections involve inspecting the property at the end of the 3-month warranty period to assess and document any items that have arisen during that period and to go through the client’s findings. This usually involves settlement cracking and defective products or materials. Additionally, this fee will apply for any adhoc inspection required during or post construction

Dilapidation Reports

A report that documents the current structural condition of a property/land at a given point in time. It records any existing damage and the state of any particular aspects of the property that are likely to be affected by construction work, excavation or demolition. This can be performed on land being developed, surrounding properties and if it is a renovation on the existing remaining section of the property.

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