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Why BuildPilot

BuildPilot Friends

When you choose BuildPilot you've invested in us... and we take that trust seriously so we'll be here to help you navigate the building process.

BuildPilot SA OWNED

We're a family owned company and have a vision to reshape the home building industry right from our home town.

BuildPilot 23 years

Our team has over 23 years worth of combined experience in the design and construction industry to help you power through your building project.

BuildPilot Tech

Our primary focus is to ensure that your home's layout incorporates an energy-saving orientation.

BuildPilot Knowledge

The managing director possesses a double degree in architecture, showcasing their expertise and qualifications in the field.

BuildPilot HIA

We proudly serve as judges for the Housing Industry Association, contributing our expertise and knowledge to evaluate and recognise excellence within the housing industry.

BuildPilot Certifications

We hold a valid Real Estate License in South Australia, enabling us to operate and provide professional services within the real estate industry in the region.

BuildPilot Road

We are dedicated to assisting you in navigating through the building process, ensuring a smooth and informed experience every step of the way.

BuildPilot 360

We leverage advanced technology to provide our customers with the opportunity to experience a virtual house tour of their future home, bringing their vision to life from the comfort of their own devices.

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