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New Home Feasibility

Changing Builders?

Make the move
with BuildPilot

For those who find themselves uncertain about their current builder or experiencing challenges during their project, this service is tailored to bring clarity and confidence.


If you're contemplating a change or simply want to cross-check your existing building project, BuildPilot is here to empower you with valuable insights. Our Feasibility Service aims to transform uncertainties into actionable information, ensuring that your dream home is not only within reach but tailored to your vision.


Join us as we navigate the intricacies together, putting you back in the driver's seat of your home-building experience. Welcome to a solution-oriented approach where BuildPilot is dedicated to making your journey smooth, transparent, and ultimately, successful.

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Stage 1

  • Preliminary discussion to obtain a clear understanding of your project.

  • Undertake a step by step analysis of each room

  • Review your preferred budget and specifications for your new home

  • Digital site assessment

  • Personal Site visit & photos (where required)

  • Preliminary council feedback

  • Design brief where we understand your wants and needs of the home.

  • Personal design concept (where required)

  • Discussion on bridging the gap between budget vs design

  • Personal design presentation and review

  • This process generally takes about 4-5 days.

Stage 2

  • Shortlist top 2 builders most suitable for your project

  • Obtain formal building costings by 1 builder and a cost estimate comparison from the other to cross check the costs

  • Overall builder discussion about your wants and needs

  • Cross check building costs to ensure the best value outcome

  • Liaise with your chosen builder to adjust and modify costs (where required)

  • Costing & inclusions presentation and review

  • This process generally takes about 4-5 days

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Explore other builders against your current builder

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