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Urban Home with Plants

Upgrading your home

Outgrown your home? At Build Pilot we can design your home and capture what you now need.

Build a bigger home for the right price

Build Pilot is at your service. Our expertise lies in customizing designs that cater to the specific needs and deficiencies of your existing home. Need more storage, done! Need a home theatre, done!

Modern White House

Benefits of building a new home


Potential Resale Value

A well-built new home often holds its value and can appreciate over time. By investing in a new construction, you have the potential for a higher resale value if you decide to sell in the future.



Structural Guarantees

Most builders offer structural guarantees on newly constructed homes, providing peace of mind and financial protection. These warranties typically cover structural components and major systems, giving you added security against unexpected issues.



Reduced Maintenance

Unlike older homes, new constructions require minimal maintenance in the initial years. With brand-new systems and materials, you can enjoy a hassle-free living experience without the immediate need for repairs or renovations.



Building a new home allows you to design and customise the space according to your preferences and needs. You have control over the layout, materials, finishes, and features, ensuring a personalised living environment that reflects your style and taste.

Design & Innovation

Build Pilot is an innovative leader in home design, maximising your budget by delivering the best value homes. Through our expertise and creative approach, we prioritise functionality, aesthetics, and value for money.


By identifying cost-saving opportunities without compromising quality of design, we create efficient and optimised designs. With Build Pilot, you can trust our innovative process to exceed your expectations while maximising your budget.

3D facade two storey
interior styling of family room

From Established to
Brand New

We specialize in helping first-time home builders navigate the building process efficiently, with a strong focus on exceptional customer service. From initial consultations to the pre-construction and beyond, our experienced team provides comprehensive support, clear communication, and guidance at every step. With our commitment to outstanding service, we make building your dream home a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Multiple Builders Under One Roof

Having access to multiple home builders is invaluable when building a new home with Build Pilot. It saves you time, energy, and money by offering diverse options and competitive pricing. With a range of builders to choose from, you can make informed decisions and benefit from their expertise, ensuring an efficient and successful home-building experience.

home timber frame under construction
"If it wasn't for you it wouldn't have been possible for us."

Smith Residence, Banksia Park


Upgrade your home with Build Pilot!

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