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What is the difference between Off The Plan and a Custom Build in Adelaide?

Home buying decisions are tough enough without having to decide between an off the plan or custom build home. When it comes to deciding between the two, many buyers are unaware of the pros and cons of each option and have difficulty making an informed decision. This blog post aims to break down the key differences between off the plan and custom build homes in Adelaide, so you can make the best decision for your budget, lifestyle and long-term plans.

Off The Plan

Off the plan homes are properties that are bought before they are built. For buyers, this can offer advantages as you will get a much better price than if you were to buy the same property once it is already built. This is because the developer gets the chance to recoup their construction costs while they are still in the building stage. Another attractive feature of buying off the plan is that you can pick and choose the materials and finishes of the property, such as flooring, kitchen appliances and tiles.

Because the property has already been designed and the finances agreed upon, the project timeline can sometimes be faster compared to a custom built home. You can also claim tax advantages from investing in off the plan, these benefits depend on the area you are purchasing in and the current tax laws.

Custom Build

A custom built home is where you design and build a home from scratch. This gives you the opportunity to control all aspects of the design, from the shape and size of the house, to where it is located and what materials are used.

The main benefit of custom building a home is that you are in complete control of the property. You have the freedom to design the home to fit your exact specifications. The downside to this is that it will take longer and cost more than an off the plan home.


Both off the plan and custom build homes in Adelaide can be rewarding investments, however knowing the difference between the two is essential if you are looking to purchase a property in the city. Off the plan homes offer cheaper prices and faster construction timelines than custom built homes, however custom build homes offer the complete freedom to design the home you want. Knowing which type of home suits both your budget and lifestyle is essential when deciding between off the plan and custom build homes in Adelaide.


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