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Top 5 trends for kitchens in 2023

1. Statement islands: Islands are trending more toward a design statement piece as opposed to just a utilitarian piece of furniture. Look for bold colors, unique materials, and decorative elements.

2. Textural accents: Natural textures and finishes are becoming increasingly popular in kitchen design, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. Think stone floors, wood beams, exposed brick, or tile backsplashes.

3. Open shelving: Open shelving is a great way to add texture and visual interest to the kitchen. Use it to store dishes or showcase accessories.

4. Integrated appliances & cabinetry: To give your kitchen a modern, streamlined look, opt for integrated appliances and cabinetry. This creates a seamless look that can be further elevated with accent colors or unique hardware.

5. Smart technology: Smart technology is becoming increasingly common in kitchen design, allowing for features like remote access, automatic temperature control, and more.


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