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The rolling Aston Hills in Mount Barker

Aston Hills Mount Barker is a stunning new residential development located in Adelaide, South Australia. Developed by leading local developer, Lend Lease, the development is set to be the newest and most up-to-date community in the Adelaide region.

The development is situated in the stunning Mount Barker town centre and has been specially designed with a focus on creating a safe, secure and welcoming neighbourhood. Residents will enjoy extensive open spaces, lush landscaping, contemporary design, high-end amenities and more.

The development offers a range of different housing options, including studio apartments and townhouses, as well as larger homes with up to four bedrooms. All the homes come with a complete range of high quality fixtures and fittings, along with spacious living areas and private outdoor space.

The development is set to include its own local shops, cafes and leisure facilities, making it easy for residents to access the amenities they need without ever leaving the development. There are also plenty of parks and other green spaces, which offer a great opportunity for local families to get out and explore the area.

In terms of transport links, the development has direct access to major highways, as well as public buses and trains. The development is also close to Adelaide Airport, meaning it’s easy to get around the city and beyond.

Aston Hills Mount Barker is an exciting new development that is sure to become a popular destination in Adelaide. With its modern design, high-end amenities and excellent transport links, it promises to be a great place to live.


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