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The power of Playford Alive

Playford Alive is an award-winning residential estate located in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. The estate is situated in the city of Playford and covers approximately 136 hectares of land. The area features lush parks and reserves, as well as new community amenities and services

The development of this estate was initiated to deliver a vibrant, healthy and diverse neighbourhood for Adelaide’s northern region.

Playford Alive offers housing solutions for residents of all ages, backgrounds and stages of life. The estate has a variety of home designs, including single-level and two-storey homes, dual living options, townhouses, apartments and off-the-plan homes. Residential lots range from 270m² to 700m².

Residents of the estate enjoy access to a range of leisure facilities, including the Playford Aquatic Centre, the Playford Alive Community Centre, the Playford Alive Sports Park and the Munno Para Shopping Centre. The estate also features playgrounds, nature reserves and cycling trails, attracting families to the area.

The Playford Alive estate has been awarded many accolades over the years, including Greenfields Community of the Year at the Urban Development Institute of Australia’s South Australian Awards for Excellence in 2019.

With its innovative housing initiatives, well-planned recreational facilities, open spaces and modern community services, Playford Alive has truly become a desirable place to live. It has created a sense of belonging and community spirit, making it one of the most sought-after locations in the northern suburbs of Adelaide.


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