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Born in a small village in Greece, George Giannakakis has always had a passion for architecture and design. Today, with a Masters in Architecture and 12 years in the building industry, that passion manifests in the design and construction of new homes, the building of dreams, and the transformation of lifestyles.

"Nothing pleases me more than being a key part in such a special change in people's lives, because quality design only makes the world better. It is my absolute pleasure to share my passion, experience and knowledge with the world.” George Giannakakis - Founder of GIORGOS™

With access to some of SA's largest home builders and collaborating with some of the biggest companies and brands in Australia, George is able to achieve the absolute best for his clients, building their new home.

He has been a leading New Home Agent in South Australia consecutively and is renowned for delivering unrivaled customer service and attention to detail.


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