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BuildPilot™ explains why its important to check your building quotes before signing

When you’re planning to build a house, it’s essential to make sure you have the right building quote and have taken the time to check it before signing up to your builder. A building quote is a document which outlines the terms of your building contract and the estimated cost of building your project. It is important to thoroughly check this document as it outlines the budget, timeline and any variations that may arise during the course of the project.

One of the most common problems with building quotes is an underestimation of the final cost of the project. If a builder does not provide an accurate quote, there could be hidden costs and charges added to the total amount payable. In addition, if there are breakages and damages during the construction process, these too could impact your budget. You should always be aware of the specific details of any additional costs which could arise from unanticipated issues and make sure these are discussed within the contract.

By thoroughly checking the building quote, you will be able to guarantee that the project is completed on time and within budget. It is essential that you go over the quote line by line to ensure that you understand the details of all of the items included in the price. Checking the total cost of the project as a whole can also help you to avoid any hidden costs so that you don't encounter any financial surprises later on.

Furthermore, it is important to find out whether any unexpected costs are payable before or after the completion of the project. Knowing this information can help you to take appropriate steps to ensure that enough money is available to cover any extra expenses.

Lastly, it is important to remember that the quote is not just about the cost; it is also a reflection of the builder’s level of commitment to the project. By taking the time to read and understand the quote, you can be sure that your contractor is prepared to deliver the work to the highest standards.

Overall, checking your building quote is an important part of making sure your project goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Taking the time to read and understand all the terms and conditions of your building quote before signing on the dotted line can save you from unanticipated costs and delays, ensuring that your building project runs as smoothly as possible.


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