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Elite Agent: Let’s work together: George Giannakakis

Purchasing a block of land and building a new home can be tricky for buyers at the best of times. George Giannakakis explains why he believes new home consultants are every land agent’s strongest ally.

When a buyer is standing in front of an existing home, it’s relatively easy for them to envisage themselves living there – or not.

They can physically see if the home is too big or too small, if it doesn’t have enough bedrooms or if the kitchen needs renovating.

But when a buyer is faced with an empty block of land, the task of visualising their dream home gets a good deal harder.

What size home will work on the block? What orientation will be the best? What about setbacks and retaining walls?

There are so many questions that need to be answered when you buy a block of land and want to build a new home.

That’s where a new home consultant can come in and be the vital linchpin that real estate agents and buyers need.

I have a Masters in architecture and more than 12 years’ experience in the building industry. I love nothing more than sharing that knowledge, and that passion manifests in the design and construction of new homes and the building of dreams. It’s not enough to love the world of new homes; you have to understand it.

What we do, as new home consultants, is help buyers understand what is possible on the land they are negotiating with the agent about. There are often technical questions, such as the issue of retaining walls or the slope of the land, that need to be examined to determine if a buyer’s dream home will work on a particular site. There may also be council requirements that need to be met, that a buyer may not know about, but a new home consultant will.

We can also provide vital information about approximate build costs, which differ wildly from site to site and vision to vision. Clients usually know what they want, but they don’t know what’s possible. We help them turn those ideas into a vision that ultimately can become a new home they are really motivated to make a reality.

We take possibilities and turn them into visions and then reality. That’s the most exciting part.The part I love most. For any real estate agents reading this, don’t despair. New home consultants aren’t out to do you over. Our business is built on strong relationships with clients and agents.

Just as a real estate photographer might refer people to a real estate copywriter, an agent selling land should look to work, hand in hand, with a new home consultant. Not because the agent isn’t good at what they do, but because we are good at what we do.

The team at GIORGOS links with some of South Australia’s largest, and most reputable, home builders, so agents often turn to us for advice. Real estate agents love it when a new home consultant has the know-how to support a land sale from a new home perspective.

The clients love it too. They’re making a huge investment in their future, and they need to be able to make confident decisions, based on reality, and grounded in highly complex facts and details.

Agents and new home consultants working together is a win-win. For everyone.


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