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5 Ways to Save Money with Smart Design 

Most people have thought about what their dream home looks like, where money wasn't an issue, and there were no restrictions. For some, it's a beautiful little cottage with a neat garden; for others, it's the penthouse with unspeakable views or your average suburban home.

Everyone's dreams are different, and for many, they seem unreachable because custom designed homes are expensive, right? We're here to tell you that it is possible to save money with smart design, getting that dream lifestyle without the heavy price tag.

Understanding Smart Design

While it's easy to associate a dream home with millionaires, it's also possible to achieve a lifestyle that you've been dreaming about without leaving you broke.

Smart design is when designing has been done intelligently, prioritises, planning your budget, efficiency, and being realistic about your expectations and execution.

The team at Buildly want you to realise your dreams, and with our combined experience with building and design, we have developed 5 priorities to bring your dreams into reality.

1. Analysis of Lifestyle

There seems to be the thought that a mansion is the ultimate level of living, but is it really? While the idea of a large footprint for your home may look good on paper, are your choices actually what you need for your lifestyle?

Think about what you need each day for living and work from there. For example, If you have teenagers, your choice of a theatre room instead of an extra living area may add value to your family structure.

2. Prioritise

Smart design is all about prioritising how your chosen plan allocates space within your home. Say you are a young couple and are planning children in the future, it may make sense to make larger living areas rather than square metres on big bedrooms.

Embracing intelligent choices and your non-negotiable costs - council regulations, encumbrances and developer requirements, your design process should, in turn, be more efficient.

3. Space

We get it; the glossy magazines show big homes with lots of open spaces and wide hallways that make you think bigger is better but is it true? In all practicality, hallways, bathrooms, laundries, and pantries are often designed to waste space, and bigger isn't necessarily better.

Carefully tailoring these spaces more practically and thoughtfully can make room in your budget for other dream priorities.

4. Selections

It's possible to achieve your dream lifestyle ambitions without choosing the premium quality of just about everything in your new home. While upgrades can be significant and add ambience to your build, there are some super-expensive choices you can leave behind without regret.

The beauty in one's home can be achieved by selecting simplicity, balanced design and your personal touch without the gloss and shine.

5. Experience

There's a lot to be said about teaming up with professionals can save you time and money and know what upgrades work and when to push the limits with budgets. Gems like these can help you navigate the building industry and all that comes with smart design.

Moving Forward with your Ideal Lifestyle Choices

The Buildly software will help maximise the lifestyle potential of your build with helping you find a forward-thinking team that understands the value of customisation on a budget.

We want to make your dreams a reality, so let's get started today.


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